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Delivery Methods

We use Finnish postal service company Posti for delivering orders. Postage to Finland is included in the delivery costs. It is also possible for you to pick up your order free of charge from our shop in Lappeenranta (Finland). For more details on our opening hours and address, please see our Info Page 

For orders outside of Finland the delivery costs are always handled on a case-by-case basis.

When you are ordering outside of Finland, always ask about postage before ordering

If you would like to have a different delivery method, please let us know, when you are asking for postage

Delivery times

We aim to pack and deliver the orders to Posti within few working days, after the payment has arrived. Posti will carry out the delivery according to its service conditions.


Postikulut suomeen sisältyy toimituskuluihin.

Suomen ulkopuolelle postikulut aina tilaus kohtaisesti. 

Kysy postikulujen hintaa ulkomaille ennen tilausta!

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